19-20-21 April " France Open Skiff" Lac du Der (France)


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10-11 May Muiderzand Skiff Cup (NL)

for Muiderzand, we have aligned RS500, 29er, 49er, MPS (including the GER fleet) calendars, so this should be a great regatta at a great venue

28-29 June Belgian Open Skiff - Eau d'Heure

BOS : we decided to stick to the same date for this cosy, relaxed event, the Kieler Woche fans can make it just in time for a Chimay on Friday evening


13-14 September Open Dutch Skiff Trophy - Bruinisse (NL)

ODST will run as the dutch Musto Eurocup event, 49er and RS500 fleets are booked as well

4-5 October Falling Leaves - Ophoven

Falling Leaves : still a slight hesitation on the date, we may push it a weekend later to allow MPS'ers to attend the South German championship and to make sure we get the Swiss up north

30-31 August Dutch Skiff GP

There may be a Dutch Skiff GP last weekend of August driven by the 18 Foot class, we are waiting for confirmation