SkiffBenelux is where skiff sailing enthousiasts from the Benelux and nearby regions meet.

This platform wants to facilitate skiff regatta organisation in the Benelux and to coordinate the calendar of skiff events with neighbouring regions (mainly north part of France and west part of Germany).

We also want to help newcomers to find their way around the skiff scene and put them in touch with the more experienced teams.

Finally we hope all skiffsailors in the region will take this opportunity to get in touch with eachother, to exchange tips and tricks, to train and have a good time together.

Take a tour around the website and the Facebook page, you will find information on skiff events and a bunch of pictures and videos. You can buy/sell skiffy stuff on the website and exchange with others through the Facebook page.

Any questions ? Please use the contact page to send us admins a message.

Godspeed and good breeze !